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Creative web dev, blogger, speaker, hiker, father

Who am I?

Although it doesn’t look like it, Yaser is an almond croissant addict cleverly disguised as a successful web developer. Since it was relatively clear early on that it would be slightly more than difficult to make a living out of thin air and sitting in a café eating a croissant and drinking a cappuccino, he’s focused his energy on the web, which happily has proven itself to be a wonderful decision.

Apart from that, he has a hunger for public speaking, hence a number of talks in big conferences like NDC and Voxxed Days around the world under his belt.

A bit of background

Yaser started his career as a web developer fresh out of uni. After spending more than 10 years coding, he has shamelessly experienced asp classic, php, Asp.Net Web Forms, Angular, React, Vue, and many others.

His true passion is to make web a better place for everyone, and so he spends most of his time blogging, speaking, and reading about web.


Apart from drinking lots of coffee and almond croissant, he loves coding, writing blog posts, speaking at meetups and conferences, hiking, playing guitar, and occasionally going to gym.


lines of code


projects done


cups of coffee


satisfied customers

Areas of interest

Software development

Being able to be responsible for the design and implementation of an enterpirse application.


Whether it is IaaS, SaaS, or a PaaS for your organisation, I can help you build it on Azure and more importantly automate it.


Currently working on a project to measure the soil moisture and automatic watering of indoor plants.


I try to dump my brain on things I will face so that others can benefit as well. In short, I love knowledge sharing.

Work history

Some of the companies I’ve worked with:

Jun 2016 - Present

Senior consultant, Readify

Since 2001, its software, data, and analytics consultants have been helping its customers define their future and thrive. I've met some of the most talented people at Readify.

Jul 2015 - Jun 2016

Senior consultant, Rxp Services

RXP provides digital solutions for customers across multiple disciplines throughout the Asia-Pacific Region. Their staff is comprised of some of the most talented user experience designers and researchers, developers, technologists and delivery people in the business.

Feb 2015 - Jul 2016

Senior developer, Stargate

An award winning firm in mortgage and financial industries. It has evolved into the premier mortgage services support enterprise in the nation. Aiming to provide excellence in mortgage support services, Stargate now offers leading edge technology and mortgage solutions as well as expertise in consulting services.

2014 - 2015

Application development lead, EN bank of Iran

EN Bank if one of the most successful private banks in Iran. They help their customers to get better services by providing some of the newest and nobel services in the banking industry.

2010 - 2014

Senior developer, Data Mining Leaders

DML is one of the innovators in the banking industy, providing some cutting edge services to banks and financial companies. Developing applications using smart cards/NFC/RFID is just a small part of what they offer.

2007 - 2012

Developer, Toorin Tan

Toorin Tan is one of the best office automation experts in Iran. They have many customers onboard but the IRIB is one of the most valuable with more than 10000 employees.

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