- Vahid Ghattavi -

Senior Consultant at RXP Services Limited

Yaser is a very sharp individual with a keen sense of attention to details. He has a great expertise over security issues and very nice to work with. Having him was an asset to the team I used to manage.

- Sharooz Mohaghegh -

Software Development Manager at Webstercare

It is a pleasure to recommend Yaser Adel Mehraban. We worked together at DML on a web based smart card management systems and SIM based applications (STK). He has done great work in a timely matter. Besides, he has the drive and energy necessary and extensive knowledge in smart acrds, security, C#, and java. I recommend Yaser with enthusiasm!

- Mehdi Khaleghian -

Senior .Net Developer at Readify

Yaser is very informative and educated. He knows what to do to get the job done. Also, he is a talented team leader.

- Dr Mahdi Shajari -

Assistant Professor at Amirkabir University of Technology

Yaser is technically extremely solid, and he has a very deep understanding of many different aspects of smartcard technology, computer software and security. In several meetings we have had recently, I found him on the edge of smartcard, computer security and software technologies.